Tip 1

Get into the Flow: The use of ‘Flow’ to describe optimal performance has become a massive buzz word. There is an aspect of the Laban Movement Analysis that is called ‘Flow Effort’ which is all about boundaries / what you keep in and what you share and accessing your emotional landscape. Really clear examples of flow are all around us in nature as well. So - the tip is - if you are feeling stuck then seek out water to help you get back into the flow… drink and hydrate or have a shower or bath, go to the beach or the river for a walk… Do this before you attempt to reengage with whatever make you ‘stuck’… don’t soldier on!

Tip 2

Get to the Heart of it: Our amazing hearts are with us all the time. This tip is about taking the time to connect and ‘tone’ your heart. Sit with your back supported or lie down and place your hands over your heart. Take a few deeps breaths imagining your heart expanding with your in breath and condensing with your out breath. Then reverse the image and imaging your heart condensing with your out breath and expanding with your in breath. Your heart will thank you for it. When you feel like this is complete just take a moment to sit in gratitude for the amazing organ at the heart of you.

Tip 3

Get Grooving: I’ve been through some challenges recently and sometimes I forget that moving / dancing is one of the best ways to re integrate yourself and feel more grounded and whole. So, if you’re experiencing a challenging time that has left you a bit frazzled perhaps put on a tune that you can’t resist, find yourself a space and just grooooove.

Much love. Tx