I’m always interested in making new connections and am available for freelance work as a director, dramaturg and movement coach. If you have a project for which you think I might be a good fit contact me!

"Teresa Izzard is a highly ambitious director who is interested in invention and form. She is determined and passionate about theatre and what it has to offer the audience and how one views the world” (Samantha Chester, Movement teacher and artist)
"I have been fortunate enough through my developing career to have worked with Teresa Izzard as both her student and collaborator. Through this time I have gathered a strong sense of Teresa's artistic drive and practice. Teresa endlessly strives for the betterment of her craft; she aims to push her own understanding of what is possible within the dialogue of movement and theatre, through the generous spaces she creates with other artists and other art forms. Approaching collaboration with a humble sense of offering, Teresa is incredibly generous with her knowledge and skill set. It is obvious when working with her just how much she craves to share her practise and skills to advance her fellow artists and the work they may create together. Teresa has a precise eye for her art and a brave desire to give her work all her creative oxygen. By living her practise and incorporating her development in with her way of life, Teresa is building an eclectic and solid method of creating and vocabulary for movement. She is the kind of artist who is all in." (Jessica Harlond-Kenny, Puppeteer)

Consultant / Workshop Leader

I can consult in the fields of directing, dramaturgy, drama education and curriculum, practice-led research, somatic movement education and movement for actors. If you need an extra pair of eyes or want to combine professional development with getting support I might be able to help. 

I have a suite of movement masterclasses that I can offer that can be geared towards performers, directors, movement directors and educators. 

Contact me with a proposal.

"Teresa has taught two Laban inspired workshops for us at Shapes in Motion, applicable to both Actors & Physical Performers. The workshops focused on Laban's shape work and its relevance in terms of storytelling, character and performance. Teresa balanced her time well combining theory, discussion and practical work. The workshops ran smoothly, progressed seamlessly and her passion for the work she teaches clearly shines through. We will definitely be hiring Teresa again as a workshop facilitator, she is a generous teacher and movement educator." (Sarah Perry, Director at Shapes in Motion)
"I have many ideas and exercises to use in my classes. Also, the production of ‘Illyria’ was stunning. A beautiful example of physical ensemble work using the efforts. I’m inspired!" (Sarah Combes, Drama Teacher)

Individual Coaching

I can offer individual support to get an artistic idea or project off the ground and am able to provide support with grant writing and the fundamentals of creative producing. 

As an educator with over twenty years’ experience under my belt I have mentored many emerging artists as well as provided professional development for more experienced educators and artists in this more targeted format. If you would like to discuss a proposal contact me.

"Teresa was great for giving me ideas around how I might break down my piece into more coherent chunks so that I could dive further into my work. She also offered me advice around how I might approach some challenges I was experiencing around play-writing". (Leila Lloyd-Evelyn, Artist and Playwright)
"Working with Teresa is a joy! Not only is she confident, expressive, vibrant and exceptional at communication, but is also great at giving perfect/crucial feedback and working on a mutual level to embrace new ideas. Her passion and dedication to her art is inspiring. Teresa is an incredibly hardworking individual whom I cannot recommend enough. She’s also just a really cool person. Ten outta ten!" (Tashi Hall, Photographer and Filmmaker)